I'm a chef fueled by a passion for hospitality. I have a strong desire to collaborate and firmly believe that we all have something to learn from one another. I have cooked in multiple countries including Japan, Singapore, Dubai, and India, which has allowed me to grow and become a more cultured culinary professional.  

My strengths include fine dining, casual fare, private chef/parties and organizing/catering pop-up events. Filled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and optimistic attitude, I successfully executed  pop-up experiences including in but not limited to Singapore, New York, Dubai on a parking garage, in a boutique hotel in Los Angeles, in abandoned theaters in Detroit, and in a high-end restaurant in TriBeCa. 

I have also collaborated with many well-known companies such as Puma, Shinola and Rolling Stone, and have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Detroit Free Press, CBS, and CNN Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown.  

I admire culinary professionals who push the boundaries of the status quo, and those who can answer the question of why we do what we do with a purposeful response. For me, it's to make people and the world a little better.